Friday, April 18, 2008

Lake Charles Update

I spoke with Unicare this morning. They offered to repay the overdraft charges, and acknowledged their error. They will not draft my account another 722.00 May 1. They now note I am paid through the end of July. My bank said they have never had an insurance company offer to pay overdraft fees. The customer service representative was shocked to say the least.

Part of me wanted to yell, part of me is too tired to yell, but the smart part of Annette let God take care of it all. It is amazing what happens when we let go and let God.

God is more than able...several praise songs come to mind....I will be making a joyful noise all the way to Lake Charles.

I look so forward to interceding for Jack and Anna Marie as well as praying for my brothers and sisters who need a touch from God this weekend.