Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Some people think I am a compassionate person, but I think my husband's opinion differs quite a bit.

Several weeks ago, I was going to visit my dad in the hospital and wanted my husband to come along. He said he would, he mentioned his back hurt and he was going to use some kind of creme (similar to Ben Gay) for arthritis. I thought how can my husband have arthritis. Good grief, I pray for people to be healed and my dad and husband are ailing...

When it was time to leave he said he could not go, I was a little irate. My husband never fakes illness, is not a hypochondriac, but I was so absorbed with my dad, that I didn't think, I judged....I thought you big baby, I don't feel well, but we are so much better off than dad.

I went to St Luke's and felt terrible as if I was catching a cold...then I thought I don't get sick, it must be fatigue and then I thought I better repent of my attitude and thoughts toward my husband.

He was still complaining when I got home, said after he got out of the shower he felt like he was on fire. I just stared at him, had some thoughts and needed to repent again.

2 days later, the creme he used was recalled because people were getting burn like blisters days after they used it and going to the ER for treatment...oh...no....he wasn't a big baby, he wasn't faking, and I had no compassion on him because I compared his complaint to my father's near death.

Aren't we fortunate God doesn't say hey Anna Marie, Annette is more ill than you, I am going to touch her with my healing power today. Why don't you come back and ask for healing again some other time. He has equal compassion and mercy because He is no respecter of persons.