Saturday, March 15, 2008

Palm Sunday - Update

I was a prayer minister at Mission Bend United Methodist Church on Sat & Sun. They invited Jack & Anna Marie Sheffield, Deep River Ministries to teach the 4 ways God heals and how to effectively pray for people on Saturday and Jack preached at 2 of their services today. We ended the day with a healing service. About 75 people stayed for the healing service and prayer.

It is such a honour to pray with people. You really have to trust the prayer ministers. We can NEVER discuss with anyone what we pray about. At my former home church, people would walk up and try to hear what we were praying about or ask me in the parking lot - what kind of pray did Susie Q need, I only want to know because I am their friend. Today we had a couple pf problems with people trying to intrude on prayer. The funny thing is, few people see who disrespectful to the Lord this is. It is like women tiptoeing out the door when Beth Moore prays at the end of her Bible Study....they are still being disrespectful, though by tiptoeing the do not see it that way at all. We need to be mindful of others as they receive prayer and we do not want to grieve the Holy Spirit.

Saturday God showed up and rocked the house. Many people were healed in their emotions...and many received physical healing. One precious woman asked for Jack to pray that she receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He prayed she started wiggling and he said what are you feeling, are you ok...she was so excited, her spine was healed. She had arthritis and was on a morphine pump. The pump had stopped working during the meeting. We prayed for many people bound by fear. We prayed for many people with bi-polar disorder and an autistic boy. People were so touched today, they left the church knowing God wants them to live in victory not in defeat. Palm Sunday is not doom and gloom.....Jesus made a triumphant entry.

Check out Jesus' last week...He wanted His house to be a house of prayer. Check out Mark or John. Meditate on His last week....

The Lord's mercy is never ending. His love never fails. His entry was triumphant just as His resurrection was triumphant...just as His return will be.

Seek the Healer, not the Jesus this week.