Sunday, August 21, 2016

One Little Weed

I spent way too many hours in front of the Tube during the Olympics. Managed to squeeze laundry in during the long blocks of commercials. I carved out time for the rest of the housework around events and pretty much neglected the yard work due to heat and days of rain. It was easy to ignore. This week should be dryer which means I must attack the weeds in the flower beds after work 2 or 3 nights this week.

Weeds - In southeast Texas, we have winter weeds, we have some winter weeds which only pop up on especially cold years, we have weeds that flourish during extreme heat and drought, we have weeds which grow by the minute when we have historic, epic, and Biblical (media description) rains and floods. Weeds are a year round problem to the gardener down here. This summer, to my dismay the weeds are green and lush.

Have you ever thought of anger directed at someone as a weed? Have you ever thought of hatred directed at someone, maybe a political candidate as a weed? Have you ever thought of any sin as a tiny little weed? You see this one little sprout and ignore it because life is busy. You'll pull it later, in fact, you will wait until next Saturday to pull it after you mow the lawn. Next Saturday arrives, you realize the weed has spread through your vegetable garden and flower beds and you are looking at an all day project pulling the weeds plus mowing and edging the lawn!

That is what happens to us when we neglect sin; when we do not confess and repent; the tiny little sprout has taken root and spread through our lives. Maybe the results are not visible to anyone but you and God. The text you should not send, the tale you should not repeat, misrepresenting hours worked on a time card, the little fib you told...the list is endless.

We all sin, we all fall short, we all need a Savior. Ladies, we must confess our sin, we must repent if we want to serve. Anne Graham Lotz told a story about drawing a circle around ourselves and asking for revival to begin in that circle. I don't need to look at others, I need to look in the mirror to see someone who needs to confess and repent. Pray for others - Yes, Judge others - No!

Abba Father,

Please draw us close to You. Give us hearts to be honest with the sin in our lives. Very clearly show us the changes we need to make to live lives which are pleasing to You. We want to be examples to those around us of your love, mercy, and grace. Fasting does not always mean giving up food, show us how You would have us fast - what we should add and what we should subtract from our lives. In Jesus' Name we pray.

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