Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aunt Ginny

My aunt Ginny is one of my closest friends and I am going to share her big news on the Internet...I told her I would post it, wonder if she believed me? She's getting married to a wonderful man we'll call Cam.

Aunt Ginny lived in Houston for a few years in the late 90's and returned to England in 2002 if I remember correctly. I was so blessed by her presence in Houston, but sorry it was because she was caring for her father who was frail and elderly at the time. We had lots of fun dinners, laughs, and great conversations about the Lord.

She will be living in the Los Angeles area after her marriage. I already see us meeting in Colorado, visiting each other in person at least twice a year. Hope Cam can see this as well. I am so looking forward to meeting him.

I was going to scan one of my favorite pics of aunt Ginny and photoshop some puffy bridal veil onto her head as well as some kind of wedding dress, then photoshop some terrible dress onto a pic of her daughter,my cousin know something in Prell green or some sickly shade of yellow. But alas, I didn't do it. I got this picture off her employer's website: Life Church ,her son in law and daughter are the pastors...

It's so wonderful to share joyous news...