Monday, May 5, 2008


I feel a real burden to pray for the USA. If any of you are sensing this, please comment and let me know what the Lord is impressing on your hearts.

We all know we need to pray for the country, but I am sensing something deep similar to the day I was on vacation in CO for my 20th wedding anniversary. The feeling I had just days before Katrina formed in the Gulf.

We need our country to come to repentance. The Lord God Almighty gave us geography which has kept us safe from combat on our shores in WWI and WWII. He has given us minerals, oil, forests, and food which we seem to take for granted.

We have been given much and as a result much is required.

Please pray:

for our nation to repent for our sins as a nation against God
for our leaders to make decisions which are right in the Lord's eyes, most especially decisions which involve Israel
for the Church in America to preach the Gospel with boldness in truth and love
for the Church to be relevant
for protection from our enemies
for revival to come to the people of America as well as all facets of the entertainment industry
for the Lord's candidates to be elected in Nov