Thursday, May 1, 2008

Policeman's Daughter

There are times I can definitely tell I am the daughter of a retired police officer. For example, I always have my keys in my hand before I leave a building and walk to my car. (Served me well when I was mugged years ago, I had no purse or driver's license, but I had a key to open my car door and a key to start the car - remember using a key to open the trunk and car door?) I look at people around me in parking lots, stores, etc. I am not paranoid, just aware crime happens. I saw a situation at the post office today few noticed, but an elderly lady did not close out the automatic postal machine, dishonest people could have bought stamps and shipped packages on her credit card.

There has been a prominent news story in Houston the last 2 days regarding a man who was killed by a Houston police officer. The victim was pulled over by police, gave them his CIA ID and then drove off and led police on a lengthy chase. No one understands why he ran. The policeman's daughter thing kicked in and I thought no way was he CIA. He wife, family, and friends are not only mourning, they must feel betrayed at this point. His wife was surprised to learn he was in the US much less Houston and must have been equally surprised he had a fiancee. I feel for his family and friends as they grieve and all the lies are being exposed in such a public way.

When I worked for a private investigator (my father), many clients were criminals and or had been accused of crimes. I learned a lot about people at that job, some were guilty some were innocent. The guilty clients tried to hide many things in their quest for freedom.

Don't you suppose we can be like that in our Christian walk? We are becoming more Christ like, but we aren't there yet, so we pretend everything is so nice at home or at work, when it's unbalanced or unhealthy for some reason. I mean, what will people think if they know we struggle with drink or we can't keep away from Internet porn. I am not suggesting telling everyone in town, but talk to your pastor or a Christian counselor. Ask prayer warriors to pray for you. They don't need all the details. Don't sweep sin under the carpet of pretense. People will know you are a hypocrite.

In Matthew 26, Jesus took the cup, gave thanks and offered it to them, saying, "Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

The Blood of Jesus is big enough for any situation of your life. All confessed sin is under the blood. Your struggling marriage is under the Blood. Your crummy job is under the Blood. Your mother-in-law is under the Blood.

Remind yourself you are in a covenant with God through Jesus Christ, He spilled His blood for you. Walk in the power and authority the Blood gives you. Confess your sins, live in your covenant power and know what God says in His Word.