Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1st SSMT Verse # 5

2017 seems to be speeding along at a brisk pace. I cannot believe it is time for another memory verse! My verse is Psalm 73:25 ESV:

Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire but You.

I battle earthly desires. In our age of buying, consuming, catering to self, it is hard at times to focus on what I should - our Father, the Kingdom, the Gospel, Heaven - not self.

Do you ever tire of the be a little selfish, you deserve it ads in print and on television? Many evenings, I watch movies or TV shows via my Amazon Fire TV device. No commercials, an hour television show averages 39 to 45 minutes. It is jarring when I watch broadcast TV, not to mention the content in some ads.

I want to feel the same reaction when I am looking to self instead of heaven. I want to be jarred awake, I want to turn away from self. I want to truly set my heart on the Lord.

Lent begins today, a good time to reset, rethink, and to refocus on the Lord if we are off track in any area of our lives. I've seen wonderful suggestions on Facebook for Lent. One that grabbed me, is putting at least one item a day in a bag or box to donate to charity the week after Easter. You will donate at least 40 items to someone who can use them. I've also decided to limit myself to 2 hours of TV a day. Some days that will be relatively easy, other days (such as a rainy afternoon), I think it will be hard. Time will tell.

I am currently on a sugar-free/sweetener free, no grain, no legume, no dairy eating plan until the end of March, giving up chocolate is a moot point. However, donating almost new business clothes, sweaters, purses, and other items is a great way to help me refocus. Clearing out the physical house helps declutter the spiritual house.

Ladies, if you celebrate Lent, I hope you grow in Christ and the things of the world dim in your view. God bless you.

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