Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Merry Heart

I took my mother to Walmart the other day, it was a pleasant day, so I waited in the car while she purchased a few items. My justification for waiting in the car - I didn't want to be around all the shoppers with colds and I dislike Walmart.

My car windows are open, a nice breeze is blowing, and I am reading a book. Occasionally, I glance towards the doors to see if mom is on her way out to my car. People milling about the parking lot. People smiling, people laughing, people oh so irritated they are at Walmart 2 days after Christmas.

I am nearing the end of my book, maybe I will finish it before mom returns to the car! I look up once more...and a woman is walking by my car on the way to her car. My mouth falls open, I gape at her, I think why did I leave my camera at home? I put my book down, I lean out my window, I crane my neck, I try not to laugh.

The woman tells someone she is talking to, OK, I have to go now, I need to unload my grocery cart. I think to myself, was she talking on the phone as she dressed and left home? It is the only rational explanation. Because she was wearing a beautiful paisley blouse, looked like it was part of a business suit. Her hair was impeccably styled. Her makeup was artfully applied. And the blouse totally clashed with her floral, flannel pajama bottoms and house shoes!

I generally do not laugh at people or make fun of people, but I did laugh over this. I wondered if I should have alerted her to the fact her Paisley blouse/PJ ensemble did not work or if I should have said ma'am go back home and finish dressing before you drive to the office.

I thought back to the time my feet felt funny as I walked to church for an early morning prayer session. I arrived, looked down, I had a running shoe on one foot and a walking shoe on the other. How did I manage that, grabbing shoes out of the closet in the dark, trying to be quiet and not disturb my husband? Everyone at the prayer session laughed when we exited the chapel and they saw my feet. I laughed as well. I thought of my friend riding the elevator at the mall, looking down and noticing she never changed shoes and was wearing fuzzy slippers which entitled her to a new pair of shoes on the spot!

What has any of this to do with a Christian blog? We need to laugh and not take ourselves so seriously all the time. Proverbs tells us: A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Ladies, I pray 2017 is filled with joy, with laughter, and well-chosen shoes and ensembles.

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