Tuesday, September 13, 2016

War Room

I do not have a prayer closet in my home AKA War Room. I hope to convert a closet in my office over the next few months. Late last week, the Lord gave me inspiration for a portable War Room involving a tri-fold poster board. Where were these things in the 1970's when I was forced, I mean assigned science projects? I know the inspiration was Divine because tri-fold poster boards are not a part of my realm.

I wrote out Scriptures on 5 x 7 tablet and binder paper. I wrote out name lists on sticky notes and stuck them on larger pieces of paper with Scriptures on them. I wrote names of countries and issues which need prayer on index cards. I used thumbtacks to attach everything to the board, so as I change out pages, lists, and index cards the board will not be damaged. One of the lists contains the names of school teachers, one list is names of people fighting cancer. You get the idea. When I finish praying, I fold it up and place it behind furniture. Below is a picture:

Please feel free to post comments if you have a War Room or War Room ideas in your home.

Ladies, we are in the home stretch of the election cycle. Let us pray for both candidates. May they listen to God, believe His Word, and be people who will make decisions which are righteous in His sight.

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