Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hate Thy Neighbor?

Due to my age, I have seen much in life concerning race relations from outright hate to true love among people. While hatred pierces my heart, it especially hurts when I see it in the Body of Christ. White brothers and sisters (in Christ) spewing horrible ungodly words about people of different races. Black brothers and sisters (in Christ) spewing ungodly words about whites and people of other colors. It seems to grow even worse if that is possible when you add politics to the mix!

I am not suggesting people not vote or support a candidate of their choice (though there is no one I want to support at this moment), but when a person spends hours a day railing against a candidate on Twitter and Facebook using derogatory language, my concern grows - especially when a Christian meme proclaiming love follows the political rants.

Why the concern? The profanity, time, and anger exhibited in the posts for one. Also, the mentality if you support someone other than I support then you are my enemy. Lastly, where is Christ in all of this? Is your focus on Him, the Kingdom, the Bible, our real home - Heaven?

I think there are problems in America, I think Americans can do better, I think we need to turn it down a notch, I think we need to be kind and loving as individuals no matter what the govt is doing, I think we need to live out the Gospel, and I think we need to keep our eyes on Jesus and run the race set out before us.

I shall climb off my soapbox on this note: Love Thy Neighbor!

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