Sunday, February 16, 2014

Waiting Room

A few days ago a friend collapsed while walking down the street and was unable to break the fall, as a result her face smashed into the concrete at full force. We were at the ER in 5 minutes. X-rays, a CT scan, and stitches were done and we were out of the hospital in 2 hours. Life Flite was cancelled because there were no fractures or brain injury. Thank You Lord!

All hospitals do not look alike, but they all sound alike and smell the same. People's faces in the ER look the same as well. Tears as a code blue is called over the PA system, parents trying to absorb news about their injured child. As I set there, I prayed for my friend and for the people in the ER waiting area as well as in the ER cubicles.

I was so thankful my friend was able to go home after we picked up prescriptions. I deliver fruit and almond smoothies each day and will continue to do her errands for the next few days until she can drive again.

I think there is much opportunity for prayer ministry in hospital waiting rooms. You don't have to talk to people or counsel them. You simply follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and pray for people and their family/friends who are being treated.

Seek the Lord, this may be something He calls you to do.

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