Friday, June 7, 2013

Carefree Summers

I've been ill the last 9 days with a viral, respiratory infection which led to many hours in bed unable to read or sleep due to intense coughing fits. I've had a lot of time to think; even thinking back to the carefree summers of my youth. Memories of the scent of honeysuckle and gardenias; swim lessons at the YWCA, VBS, trips to the library, asking why I had to work arithmetic problems in the summer, (The answer could be another blog post.)and playing games of Hide n Seek and Kick the Can with my friends and cousins.

Summer days included activities as well as rest; adventures to the beach and quiet time with coloring books; housework with my mother and trying to stand still on a chair as she fitted clothes she sewed for me. Whenever she called me in for dinner it was too early. I might miss finding a ladybug or doodle bug with my friends. I might miss the best game of Kick the Can ever. (I've yet to find out if I missed the best game ever.) And what if my friends jumped on their bikes and formed a posse while I ate dinner with my parents???

Summer always ended too soon for me. I hope we can all take time this summer to watch the clouds, listen to the squeals of delight as children chase lightning bugs or the popsicle truck, or simply stop and smell the flowers. And as you take time to be still and enjoy the simple things, remember to be still and know He is God.