Tuesday, January 4, 2011

40 Day Fast

I am joining together with Christians today to begin a 40 day fast. Some are skipping one meal a day, some are doing a Daniel fast, some are giving up TV, some are doing a total fast.

I ask you to join us. The following is from Jack Sheffield:

We're going in! 40 days of fasting to bring heaven to the earth. Please join us with one meal fasts, one day fasts, fasting of 3 meals a week, anything you can to enter in. God wants BREAKTHROUGH for His people! Fasting brings the 100-fold return!! Click on
http://www.acalltofast.com to sign up. God bless us all!


annette said...

I saw you were fasting today over on Pearls. Are you fasting for a praticular outcome? (Matthew 17:21) May God bless your obedience and respond in a huge way. Love, Annette

Abba's Girl said...

The fast is for the Church - for the bride to awaken.