Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fog, Sun, and Wind

I was asked to be an intercessor during a Christian Educators meeting last Saturday as well as say a few words. Saturday morning arrived and I thought Lord - I have nothing to say (Don't let my husband know he missed a speechless moment!) to the people attending today's conference. I was supposed to arrive at 7:30am to begin praying, the conference would begin an hour later and end at 1:30pm. It was 7:15am and I had nothing from the Lord, no message from Him for these people.

I began to prayer walk the campus as the sun was shining brightly in the sky. As I rounded the corner a heavy fog descended out of nowhere and the street lights came on and people had to use their headlights as they drove down the street. I said, "Lord what is this?" He said, "This is the fog enveloping my students, teachers and administrators. They are shrouded with fatigue, defeat and hopelessness. The sun came back out and burned through the fog. The Lord said, "My Son burns through the shroud of fatigue, defeat, and hopelessness." I rounded the corner and felt a north breeze which is highly unusual on July 31, in southeast Texas. I asked God what this was. He said, "My students, teacher, and administrators need to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit and not their own strength."

We know this, it is Christianity 101 but obviously the people I spoke to needed a reminder and many times so do we. The fog, the sun, the breeze so beautifully illustrated God's message to everyone Saturday and obviously was much better than anything I could imagine on my own.

Keep your spiritual ears open, He speaks to us in many ways, we must be listening to hear.

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Cheryl Barker said...

I love the way God supplied you with the words you needed to share that morning. He is so good to give us what we need when we need it, isn't He?