Monday, October 19, 2009

Longview, Texas

Had a wonderful time meeting new brothers and sisters in Longview, TX over the weekend. The praise and worship was awesome. I prayed mostly with women, many were set free from lies they believed about themselves as well as fear, perfectionism and related physical disorders. A young man's leg grew 2 inches and he walks without pain now. Backs were healed. God still heals today. He wants us whole in body, spirit, and mind. Jesus never turned anyone away.

Then there is Bob...he lives in a group home, I don't know how old he is, I believe he has Down's Syndrome. As we worshiped, he did too, he could not sing the songs, but he could say Praise the Lord and Alleluia...His worship was so pure and so filled with love. He attended the healing weekend with his sister and brother in law. Hopefully, I will see him later this year in Woodville, TX. Bob loves the Lord so much, he loves people so much, he stood in for prayer for 1 of his care takers. I tear up thinking about his love for God and people.

I would love to see the look on some of the healed people's coworkers faces as they walk into work today. What a witness to the love and glory of God.

Have a blessed week everyone and remember to praise the Lord and shout Alleluia...Bob reminded me, I need to come before the Lord with a child like heart...