Friday, October 3, 2008

Valerie Marie Cecille Annette

Today is my friend Valerie's birthday, she is finally 47 too. We met in 5th grade. I know if we each had a dime for the trouble we got in together at school we would be rich ladies, though I don't think she had to go to the headmaster's office as often as I did. (I never got into trouble until my parents sent me to St. Thomas' Episcopal Church & School...I guess it was the Christian environment that did it...JK)

Valerie and I have been through the ups and downs of life together from problems in our teens, defending each other to the hilt just because we were friends, it really didn't matter if the outside party was right. We have been through weddings, baptisms, births, deaths and the need for reading glasses together. She has 4 wonderful children, I am so proud to be godmother to her sons.

We have gone from gossiping together, meeting at the book store to buy trashy romance novels, & bar hopping together to praying together and sharing insights we gain we when read & study the Bible.

Valerie, I have been profoundly blessed my your friendship.

Lord God, I lift Valerie up to you this day. I thank You for her life and for her service to the Kingdom. I pray she continues to bring Your love to her family, students at school, VBS, and Sunday school. Please give her a special blessing today, one that she will recognize immediately is from You. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.