Saturday, November 12, 2016

America's Hate Group = KKK

An Open Letter to the KKK:

The truth be known, I want to shout y’all are stupid and leave it at that, however, that accomplishes nothing. I truly do not know how a fraternal order or whatever you call yourselves can decide to hate everyone who is not white and does not buy what you are selling.
From dressing up to conceal your identity (just like Jihadists) to your Sieg Heil salutes, you are nothing more than buffoons. Then we add your hateful signs, parades, and burning crosses to the mix and you morph from buffoons to hate filled people who need spiritual and mental counseling, possibly in-patient treatment. I can only imagine your lodge meetings and ceremonies.
You and your hateful rhetoric are a blight on this land. I would like to write you off as an uneducated, raised by packs of wolves, people. If I came to know any of you, most likely I would discover some of you are educated and were raised by loving parents.
Do you really think your ideals are right and just? Do you feel your lives have merit and bless our country? If you were able to drive out every person who does not agree with your “philosophy”, what would you do then? Become more extreme and attack one another because you find some to be Not KKK Enough?
The Constitution guarantees your right to free speech and parades. Men and women have died to afford you your rights. I will not be let myself be overwhelmed by anger. Instead, I will do the right thing, the loving thing, and pray for you just as I pray for myself, my family, the sick, the hurting, and the USA. I know Jesus is bigger than your hate. I believe miracles happen every day. I believe people can change.
I pray the KKK fades away because you cannot find new recruits and your current members come to repentance and turn away from hate and instead are filled with the love of Christ.

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