Sunday, January 3, 2016


We've been in a cold, wet, and dreary pattern the last several days. I have not been outdoors much except to feed the birds. We have winter visitors in our area. The Goldfinches have arrived. They are cheerful and fun to watch as they crowd each other to eat seeds. I hear Woodpeckers calling each other. I have not seen any yet. There are probably House Finches too. There is so much beauty all around us, but I think sometimes we get in a rut going about everyday life and see beauty without really seeing it.

I think too we can see the poor around us and turn the blinders on because we are not prepared to deal with it at that moment or think what difference can one person make? The thing is, if we all work together we can make a difference. We are not the Lone Rangers of Christ. We are the Body of Christ. Do what you can with donations, volunteer if you can, and pray for the poor, the ill, and the lonely.

Lord give us the eyes to see what we can do and a heart for those who need us.


Anna Marie Sheffield said...

Yes, Lord!!

Wendy said...

Beautiful post, Annette.

Re -the finch in your pic - don't you have squirrels trying to rip apart your thistle feeder? I've had to resort to buying "squirrel proof" birdseed and then they still sometimes knock the feeder sideways so the seed spills down on the earth. I know they are hungry too, as are all of God's creatures, so I also scatter sunflower seed on the ground for them, but I wish they'd leave the bird feeders alone. LOL.

Abba's Girl said...


We have an abundance of squirrels, they eat all the bird seed except the thistle seeds. Once a possum grabbed a thistle feeder and took it up onto the roof, decided he/she did not like it and threw it back down. I like watching the squirrels, but I wish they would eat someone else's birdseed!

Cheryl Barker said...

Glad you're getting to enjoy some gold finches down your way, Annette. I get them at my feeder for a few days a couple of times a year. So pretty and cheerful looking!