Thursday, September 6, 2012


My cousin Bill shared a wonderful praise report concerning healing with me today. It brought me to joyous tears. God still heals! He wants us emotionally, spiritually, and physically whole in Christ Jesus. Check out His Word, see what He has to say on the subject.

After thanking God for the healing miracle, I started laughing about the funniest healing experience in my life.

I was with Jack & Anna Marie at a Methodist Church in Houston and the service began with a hymn I dislike intensely. My back and leg were throbbing from sitting in a chair for 15-20 hours a day for months on end, because at that time dad had been hospitalized for 11.5 months and was days away from leaving earth for his heavenly home.

The pianist began playing What a Friend We Have in Jesus, I rolled my eyes, looked at Anna Marie and said, "I hate this song." Jack asked me to repeat myself, so I did. Before I finished my sentence, I felt warmth flow through my back and shoot down my leg. No more pain. I decided to sing the hymn all the while thanking God.


Cheryl Barker said...

From the fullness of his grace we receive one blessing after another, huh? (John 1:16) said...

He has the Best sense of humor!!!

Sheryl Dean said...

There is a song that our church sings alot! When I hear it begin to play I think to myself, "Oh no, not that song again." But, then I listen to the words and probably sing louder than anyone else by the end of it.

God is faithful to music.

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Anonymous said...
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