Friday, August 5, 2011


I remember when I loved the summer; couldn't wait for it to begin and was sad when Labor Day came and went because school began the Wed. after Labor Day. I feel for today's students, their summer is short and rushed.

Our culture seems to be caught in a warp speed mode. Do young people today ever experience the lazy days of summer? Chasing the Snow Cone man, listening to cicadas, watching the clouds.

I don't care much for summer these days. I am too old to get sunburned, too fat to chase the Snow Cone man but I still love to sit outside in the evening and listen to cicadas and at this time of year watch hummingbirds as they rest in our area before they migrate south for the winter.

I look forward to fall with great anticipation and thank the Lord for the hummingbirds which is an outward sign, fall is coming...(Unless Jesus returns first!)

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Cheryl Barker said...

I think everyone is looking forward to fall after the brutal summer heat we've had this year. Finally got a break in the 100+ temps here this week. So welcome!