Saturday, May 3, 2008

Say It, Work it, Pray It

I am in a Bible study group of darling women, we are 1/2 way through Beth Moore's Psalm of Ascent Study. (A wonderful study)

She has us say each psalm out loud, work it which means highlighting verses which speak to us, write notes in the margin, circle all references to the Lord, etc. We then turn the psalm into a personal prayer.

I have prayed Scripture prayers for years, I really recommend this type of prayer especially for ongoing situations.

I thought about how many times in life, we say it, work it, pray it...but not necessarily in a holy way. I was listening to a woman talking on her cell phone as we were in an elevator. She was saying it and working it, I could tell she had called everybody in her circle of friends about how Susie Q had done her wrong. Over the years I have had people request I pray an unholy prayer for them. For example someone said I am angry with Susie Q, the Lord knows why, He will not make me forgive her, please pray she loses her job. Of course I did not pray that. Nor did I tell the person requesting prayer she had to forgive. I prayed Scriptures over them both and binding prayers.

I want to post another example of a binding prayer, using myself as an example.

I bind myself to the Cross and it's power of life, love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, holiness, dying to self, to all things that are pure, holy and true.

I bind my mind to the mind of Christ.

I bind my mouth to the mouth of Christ.

I bind my heart to the heart of Christ.

I bind my feet to the path of Christ.

I bind myself to God's Holy Word.

I bind my spirit to the Holy Spirit.

I bind my will to the Lord. (never bind someone else's will)

I loose myself from pride, arrogance, a hard heart, judgment, a critical spirit, spiritual blindness, apathy, and laziness.

I loose myself from sickness and disease.

In Jesus' Name I pray.